Who We Are

Master JLubeJack, LHC-D

the elder of the Leather Heart Clan, JLubeJack has been in the Leather scene for 25 years, het BDSM for 20. Jack was immediately drawn to the hierarchical nature of Leather and to its strong sense of honor and integrity.

Master Malicia, LHC-D

…is a Dominant Femme who has been in the leather/BDSM scene for 13 years. She’s presented and participated in numerous seminars ranging from genital pumping to anal play and anal sex; from polyamory to dungeon safety and sexual response.

slave robin, LHC-D

slave robin is a het male who values service (to Mistress, Family and community), integrity, trust, and diversity in relationships, in play, and in the community. He is curious about everything: he reads widely and deeply about an eclectic range of interests, from baroque music and amateur radio, to educational psychology, to leather.

Master Brett, LHC-D & LHC-A

Brett is native Texan, a fetishist his whole life, practicing kink since 2001, active in the BDSM community since 2010, and in M/s and leather since 2011. He now blends 24/7 M/s and age play with his little girl/slave.

Sarah, LHC-D

A worldly and bewitching slave girl, Sarah orgasms whenever the wind picks up, and is a regular attendee of SPLF and GLLA

Master Sheri, LHC-D

Sheri’s journey in kink began in the public BDSM scene 17 years ago, working with some of the local clubs. She has beem Membership Director with Different Strokes, a member of Circle of Friends and volunteered at various events/munches. She is a member of NLA-Dallas and other local clubs.

Mark, LHC-D

I am poly and have been in a poly relationship for almost four years. I have been heteroflexible but am now leaning more towards bisexual. I would consider myself a glass-half-full type of person. I am very impulsive. I enjoy trying new things. I once went to Mexico with $20.00 in my pocket (had a blast!)

Josh, LHC-D

Josh is a fully post op FTM, who is a service oriented sub/slave.  He values educating people about his journey as a transgender male. He has a strong love for the outdoors and being physically active.

Mr Jeep, LHC-A

Mr. Jeep came in to the BDSM lifestyle in 2003.  He started out with…

Ms Jeep, LHC-A

Slave janet (also known as msjeep) came into the BDSM lifestyle in 2006. She was then blessed with the opportunity to serve…

Amber, LHC-D

I was born submissive. From a very young age I had a need to please others, to be the good girl. As I grew up into a woman, the need to please grew stronger, yet for many years I didn’t know why I felt this way.

Lilheaven, LHC-A

She has lived in Austin for the last 25 years, and has been a part of the kinky community there, off and on since 2004. First with Voyagers, GWNN, TNG and CTK. Currently she serves as security coordinator for SAADE and co leads her own group KiSS. After completing the Austin subMentors program in 2018, she was asked to serve as admin for the 2019 session

Avery, LHC-A Pledge

A pansexual Texan transplant who became part of the scene shortly after moving to Austin in 2013. A life-long fetishist, now polyamorous, bratty little-girl to a loving mommy. Exploring, evolving, and fluctuating in all manners

Ms. Pixie, LHC-D

Ms. Pixie has been in the BDSM  lifestyle since 2008, and active in the Leather community since her move to Dallas in 2016.  Her personal mantra:  Be the person who makes others feel special.  Be known for your kindness and grace.  And surround yourself with people who have the same rhythm.

Daddie Danger, LHC-A

Daddie Danger has been in the Austin scene for almost 20 years. Daddie currently Co-Directs Domina a MAsT Austin SIG for Female-Led Dynamics. She is also the Education and Networking Coordinator for Dark Age Play Austin and the Outreach Director for Team Friendly Austin

Associate Member Gallery

LHC Associates are invitation only. They are people we have worked with on projects of one variety or another, people who have mentored us, and/or people with whom we are honored to be associated. We feel they represent the best of Leather values, service and integrity.