LHC Guidelines

Leather Heart Clan Guidelines

January 1, 2012

Since we are soon to become 8 members, it’s a good time to write down what we’d all verbally discussed in terms of expectations and responsibilities. They aren’t many —and there can be exceptions to the rule, but we should all try to adhere to the basic set of principles out of respect to other LHC members and to the traditional tenets of Leather.

General principles

Health, legal & blood family, and job obligations come first; always. Personal financial restraints should be accommodated. As long as you wish to be a member of the Leather Heart Clan you should make it a high priority in your life. If you can’t do that, please approach us about the problem. If other pursuits arise and/or you no longer wish to make it a priority, you can “kick over” to an Associate or resign. As with all Families & Clubs, the LHC patch is the property of the Family and must be returned. If you cannot attend any required function — for any reason — give plenty of notice. We don’t badmouth anyone— especially other family members. No gossip.

Family Meetings

Family meetings usually will be held at the House of Malicia twice a month. Exact dates will vary depending on member availability and other Leather functions. A one-page agenda will be circulated a week before the meeting. We’re all individuals, so varying opinions are important and honored. Attendance is required. (Notify if you cannot attend for job/family/illness.)


All members are encouraged to attend as many conferences as possible. Two are required each year — in Dallas — BV and SPLF. They are on our home turf and they don’t require significant travel. Everyone is encouraged to present at local munches, meetings as well as state, regional and national conferences. Education, of ourselves…and educating others… is key to our mission.


We will schedule mentors to come and speak to LHC about techniques, Leather history, protocols, power exchange and many other topics. We’ll strive to schedule them to fit in everyone’s schedule; attendance is mandatory, where possible and one member will write up minutes of the presentation for posting to the LHC site and the NLA-Dallas Newsleather.


Each year, LHC mounts a major fund raising event. The first, in 2010 was for the Womens Leather History Project — a single-night event. The second, in 2011 was “We All Can Can” for the Dallas Resource Center/John Thomas Food Pantry— a year-long drive. In 2012 we will be holding another single-night event for the Sharon St. Cyr Foundation. These events require a tremendous amount of organization and work…it’s truly staggering. However, spread among all LHC members and throughout the DFW community volunteers it becomes not only manageable but even fun. The rewards —such as having a part in raising nearly $7,000 for the WHLP or more than 4,000 food items for the food pantry make your soul swell. All LHC members are required to participate, but one or two will be named project leader. In 2010 it was Mistress Malicia, in 2011 Knotty Jeanette. There is enough work to do that each of us can find a job that is close to our hearts. You’ll work with community leaders, members of the designated charity, and, of course, members of your LHC family.


For Family meetings, please wear your vest (if you have one). For public gatherings, vest, boots, LHC buckle/belt, cover/cap… and any other Leather you wish to wear should be worn. For designated “High Cow” events, we will wear full leathers and our dress shirts. In all instances, of course, we should represent our Family with dignity and good will.


Each month there will be assigned readings for all members. These are chosen to stimulate conversation about key Leather issues and philosophies, about Leather history, or — even — about general studies that can be adopted to Leather. In no case will there be more than 20 pages a month. Again, they are just another part of our mutual exploration of Leather.


Six or more times a year, LHC has a play party at the House of Malicia. To defray costs, they are always pot-luck (and we gain some amazing recipes that way). There is alwaysa bunch of prep work, cleaning, cooking and so on, and we all are involved so as to spread the labor — and to have more bonding among us. Likewise, cleanup chores go MUCH faster when we all pitch in.


LHC positive in action and attitude. We support all GLBTs — young and old and in-betwixt. Variety is the spice of life… and we LOVE spicy!