slave robin, LHC-D

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Name: slave robin
Birthday: May 6th
Favorite Toy: Nipple clamps
Favorite Book: Leatherboy’s Handbook
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FetLife: slaverobin

I am a het male who values service (to Mistress, Family and community), integrity, trust, and diversity in relationships, in play, and in the community.  I am curious about everything: I read widely and deeply about an eclectic range of interests, from baroque music and amateur radio, to educational psychology, to leather.  A mentor of mine once taught me that one of the dangers of old age is “hardening of the categories.”  Not this boy!  I love being able to say to myself, “hmm…I never thought of it that way!”

I’m happiest when I’m teaching something to someone.  And I love to write (nonfiction). I’m also an out-of-the-closet geek: my favorite form of relaxation is fixing things: computer software, electronics, cars. But… don’t ask me about a color that’s not in the 16-crayon box… and, why don’t they make Garanimals for adult clothing?