Seminars Offered

These presentations  feature solid, easy-to-remember information laced with humor, audience interaction, and live demonstrations (whenever possible). We often use low-wordcount slide shows with graphics and music that help to build audience understanding and delight. We are professional communicators with thousands of presentations behind us, who work hard on each to ensure that conference attendees get the biggest bang for their buck.

We would be delighted to teach for you; references provided on request.

List updated 2022-11-07; descriptions updated when class is requested

Current Seminar List


There’s nothing quite like the classic dungeon feel of leather and chains. Rope bondage is lovely, but it takes considerable study to become proficient. Using cuffs collars, belts, and harnesses for bondage, on the other hand, is sexy as hell, and the learning curve is so much shorter. In this class, we’ll cover safety, bondage for sex, bondage for impact, and working with beds and furniture. We’ll demo an abundance of x-rated positions and you’ll be allowed to take photos so that you can reproduce everything you see at home. We’ll pass around different items of gear so you can handle them, and we’ll provide a shopping list for everything used in the class. (Angelriot)


Oh what evil lurks… This is a Grand Tour of Genital Torture. From striking to squeezing to smashing to stretching to skewering, our friend Dick and his sack-bound buddies are up-for-grabs in this knee-buckling party. In appropriate venues, there can be smashed-ball/needled sack demos and audience participation. (Master Malicia)


Daddie Danger is going to talk with us about chastity devices for all bits, cage and device play basics, keyholding, piercings as and with chastity, tease/denial, and other “fun” games you can play while locked up. We’ll talk about both long and short term play. Strategies for getting to the feelings you want from this type of play. We’ll wrap up with a few words on physical and mental health while in chastity for all partners. (Daddie Danger)


Cigars are a significant component of our Leather culture and history; they’re seldom given proper emphasis with a comprehensive seminar. This wide-ranging look at the world of cigars will intrigue both seasoned smokers and curious newbies. We’ll delve into the history of cigars in general, why cigars are a popular and key part of the Leather mystique, and how cigar play can be an integral part of play — including edge play — and intensely sexual. You need not be a cigar smoker to do cigar play! (Angelriot)


No poly family is without conflict.  If not addressed promptly and appropriately, conflict can damage, or even destroy, a poly family.  In this seminar, we will learn about a simple 5-step process for putting out the brushfires of poly life before they get out of control.  We will practice the technique with trigger videos of common problems. (PDF) (slave robin)


You can have a time-bound, clearly-delimited authority exchange relationship, defined in writing, that’s genuine to your desires, and – with a few guidelines – be pretty sure you’re not going to seriously screw up. Since his first contract slave in 2013, Brett has had over a dozen short-term contractual M/s arrangements, with a variety of purposes and outcomes, and in this class he’ll share practices for service, play, and behavior modification in the context of a contract. (Brett)


Do you feel pressure coming up with scene ideas and planning out scenes? Join Ms. Pixie of the Leatherheart Clan of Dallas for idea on how to dial down the seriousness and embrace impromptu, humorous play! Yes, you can do a creative and sadistic mindfuck with just a few things from your garage or kitchen junk drawer. Ms Pixie has a fun-loving approach to BDSM that can help you get in more play with less preparation. No equipment required, willing demo bottoms welcomed! (Ms Pixie)


The age play headspace doesn’t always stop at security and nurturing, teddy bears and juice boxes. Some littles/age players regress specifically for the transgressive sex, or to bottom in heavy scenes, both physical and psychological. In this session, we’ll review childhood’s unique weaknesses, fears, and humiliations, and how to use them for play with partners who want or need it like that. Note: for those who already find age play a little disturbing, this session goes into what’s disturbing to us. Also, clowns. (Brett)


How to make anything you’ve seen in the scene with a few tools, boards, screws & glue. Spanking bench? Easy. X-Cross? No problem. Suspension table? Piece of cake. We’ll make a portable stock during class to illustrate the universal techniques and give it away to one lucky audience member.  (PDF1, PDF2) (Master Malicia)


This half- or full-day seminar is based on the book by the same name. It will help you avoid those people who simply cannot form an emotional bond with anyone. We have all encountered them, many have been scarred by them… and many more will get the Big Hurt. This course really is a must for all of us ! (Master Malicia with slave robin)


Often, we seem to forget to add eroticism — and yes, SEX — to our play. This seminar explores the endless variety of techniques for adding sensuous magic to scenes. The yin/yang of pain and intimate pleasure will cook up to-die-for scenes they will not soon forget! This is a hands-on tour with demos and class participation… We can use up to 5 male & female audience volunteers; you in? Write to us! (Master Malicia)


We’re all raised to be good girls… sometimes that means that our true nature — our inner hungers — get trampled by outside influences. This red-hot, bare-breasted seminar is about new ways of thinking about good… and bad. Malicia and her lover maya tell of their own escapes from societal baggage and how you, too, can chose to lead a wide-open sexual life.  (Het & GLBTs!)  We can use up to 5 male & female audience volunteers; you in? Write to us! (PDF) (Master Malicia)


Pending Update Male to Female Image Transformation Program. Forced Fem is taboo in society, as is cross dressing. After a brief history of the differences, we will talk about the different levels there are to cross dressing and feminization whether by choice or forced. Our approach is to cover the basics and share in a group setting different experiences. Class time 60-90 minutes. Powerpoint presentation and handouts for this class are available. (Danger)


Just because you’re on Social Security doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with BDSM!  Ask us: we know from personal experience!  Join us for this light-hearted journey through the world of BDSM for the Senior set! (slave robin)

Getting it: How to Tell Your Partner About Your Creepiest Fantasies & Secret Fetishes for Best Results

It can be scary to have a secret need, or frustrating to have one that isn’t being fulfilled. We’ll discuss safe ways to share you inner turn-ons with partners that will strengthen your relationship instead of disrupt it, and the mental stances that will let you make the most of it together. (Brett)


Guys/women/tops: have you ever “gone too far,” in play or in sex, and found out later that it wasn’t appreciated? Women/guys/bottoms: when he/she “went too far,” have you ever bit your tongue so as not to spoil the moment?  Was this an issue, or is it just a normal part of life in the scene? This isn’t about blame, but  about avoiding mistakes by understanding each other’s desires and finding common ground on which to communicate! Whether you’re interested in a long term relationship or negotiating with play partner, you don’t want to miss this discussion! (slave robin)

The History of a Secret Culture – How BDSM Came to Be

In 1998 an important outline of western kink history was published by Robert Bienvenu, and it has become a framework for historians in the last 20+ years to extend with their own research in an attempt to understand how, where, when, and why people with fetishes and kinks started networking with each other, and how the kink cultures that we know today came into existence. It’s a huge topic with lots of interesting stories along the way, so to keep things manageable, every time this is taught, we choose a focal point and work from there. The prehistory of kink – before fetishists really knew how to network together, what can we find in history that has a kink flavor, or that later became influential in shaping fantasies about kink? Earliest kink communities – how did fetishists and practitioners start connecting and in what contexts? Victorian porn, spanking obsessions, perverted priests and sexy nuns, damsels in distress being kidnapped by pirates or forced into ottoman harems – oh dear, oh my. American gay leather, the velvet underground, Berlin nightclubs in the 20s, medical “pathologies,” the first kink education organizations, the impact of AIDs, legal prosecutions, the explosive effect of the internet – all points of interest in the story of how we got to be the way that we are. (Angelriot)


(TBD, Ms Pixie)


Have you been curious about the world of dolls, coloring, juiceboxes, babysitters, and maybe (shocking!) diapers? Do you identify as a little or middle, or want to play with someone who does? Wondering what do to with occasional mommy- or daddy-impulses, or want to incorporate more guidance and nurturing into your dynamic, even without kid stuff? Age play is a world of many diverse roles and approaches: come see where you might get something out of it, or what you might have to give. (Brett)


For non-leather and leather groups alike, seeking a direct, clear explanation of what leather is. After participating in the national leather community for several years now, witnessing its ongoing dialogues and debates, its history, pageantry, and play, and now having become a member of a leather house, Brett has found the answers to the questions he had when he began, and can share them! If you’re curious about what leather is, or want to confirm your impressions, Brett can take those questions and cover leather basics, spanning communities of yesterday and today. (Brett)


TBD (Danger)


Class Description: For medical staff of all kinds, Age Players (“littles”) make the ideal patients: trusting, easily frightened, and will go through a lot for a lollipop. Let’s discuss manipulative dialogue, co-topping strategies, specialized equipment, and, above all, how to abuse your role’s authority, for fetish satisfaction, emotional sadism, role reinforcement, behavior modification, or for the fun of it. (Brett)


Medical staplers are a self-contained, convenient way to insert temporary piercings. Staples have several
advantages over needles, can be used for bondage and artistic purposes, and also lend themselves to
some creative and powerful experiences for your s/m and headspace repertoire. This is a hands-on,
audience participation class. (Brett)


The Mind Fuck deliberately misleads a bottom about what is actually occurring, as a form of fear play. If this already gives you questions about risk and consent, good for you: these questions are appropriate. Mind Fucks are a specialty of the Leatherheart Clan’s Elder, JLubeJack, and so run deep in our leather family. In this class we’ll talk through some of his best work and mine, do a horrifying demo with a willing victim, and define together when and how it’s ethical to play dishonestly in order to severely fuck with someone. (Brett)


This class is about BASIC temporary surface piercing. Explaining materials, safety, and technique. This is a beginner class and we do not suggest you leave the presentation thinking you can just go start poking someone – a mentor is a good idea to further knowledge. This class is just the basics. After the class you can determine if you want to pursue this fetish further. Class time 60-90 minutes. Powerpoint presentation and handouts for this class are available. (Danger)


More advanced class for those who have been piercing and are ready to take that next step. We will focus more on technique – safety and history will also be a part of the class. You are welcome to bring your own bottom and materials to do a hands on demonstration. Decorative piercing, and other higher end piercing (This is a highly intensive class not meant for beginners.) Class time 60-90 minutes. Powerpoint presentation and handouts for this class are available. (Danger)

NEEDLE PLAY 301 – Needle Art

Piercing Play as Human Art and Decoration: We’ll VERY briefly highlight some tips and safety from 101 and 201 on needles and then go straight for the heart of the art. Have you ever wanted to turn someone into a bird for the evening? Have you wanted someone to wear your name on their chest loud and proud? Are you a little and think it would be fun to have buttons or other little gems sewn into your skin? Have you looked at some designs and wondered how it would look in skin? That’s what we’re doing here. We’ll go through scene prep, safety for wearing pierced decorations with a live demo included. (Daddie Danger)


(Angelriot, TBD)


A beginner class covering safety, different types of toys, history. We will feature a live demonstration as well. Class time 60-90 minutes. Powerpoint presentation and handouts for this class are available. (Danger)


Polyamory is hard work! Any relationship has is ups, downs and sideways, so imagine what those are all like multiplied by three, four — or more! Still, there is magic in that pile of people and WE think it’s worth the effort and time to make it work. You’ll hear about our relationships and about dozens of other poly families we’ve talked with through the years. Where ever we give this talk there are heartfelt discussions, terrific questions and lots of ideas! (panel)


Pumps aren’t just for extracting milk: they increase sensation. You can sensitize the body for play or even permanently enlarge some body parts with basic equipment. In this presentation, we’ll cover inducing lactation, standard cylinders, specialty nipple devices, consumer breast pumps, and an industrial goat milker, and discuss how they can be used for play and for long-term mental and physical conditioning. (Brett)


Who hasn’t heard a cute subbie utter the words, “Oh, punish me please, Sir”?  As hot as that may sound in a scene, where’s the line between consequences and rewards?  This class will focus on distinguishing between the psychological distinctions… and some physical manifestations as well. Words count, and there is no cookie-cutter approach with every bottom! This discussion is very hot now as groups discuss BDSM and domestic violence… LOTS of fodder for bottoms & Tops to ponder in this session. (Danger)

Pussy Torture: Ins & Outs

Center of a HOLE lot of fun, the pussy is pretty, alluring, seductive… and tasty! Long a center of attraction for hims AND hers, this seminar will show you how to tease and torture this garden of eden! From mild to wild, loving to bloody, we’ll look at techniques to bring a pussy to mind-blowing delights. Many techniques, combined with a variety of plunging sensations will elicit screams… screams of pain AND screams of pleasure. Bring a pussy with you and join in the culminating group play at the end of the session! (PDF) (Master Malicia)


This seminar is about the why of service, submission and slavery — not the how.  Great service comes not from mastering protocols, but from mastering yourself.  Serving your dominant well requires both of you to understand why you want to serve, and what you both expect from service.  This seminar gives submissives your own voice,  as you answer core questions such as, “Why do I want to serve?”,  “What do I expect from my service?”,  “What is my ideal dominant like?”,  “How do I/we define service?”,  “Must I/we love, to submit?”  For dominants, it’s a good opportunity to understand your submissive and to compare your beliefs with those of submissives. (slave robin)


Playing with sounds — in women and IN men — is considered by most to “fall” into the outer side of edge play; for sure it can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it correctly! In this seminar, you’ll learn the, ahem, ins & outs of sounds, various materials for plumbing their depths, and most important, how to do it all safely! We’ll have plenty of demos on men and women to watch, and the brave among you can try sounds IN for “size” during class! Further, at the play parties, we’ll be available to coach you in topping sounds… (Master Malicia)


As a Little, have you craved greater accountability, or the satisfaction of being helpful? As a Big, have you felt encroaching burn-out, or an inability to set expectations? For everyone, there can be dissonance between negotiating and conducting a D/s relationship and a headspace that isn’t primarily about service and responsibility. Let’s address reconciling D/s and age play dynamics with positive frames and goal-setting and accountability approaches. (Brett)


What do you know about how play, submission and slavery should work? Are you sure?  What do you know, that just ain’t so?  Whether you are sub or dom(me), new to BDSM or experienced, you can use this lively interactive discussion to challenge your beliefs about the principles of BDSM, and decide which are misconceptions, and which aren’t as simple as you think.  We’ll look at statements you’ve probably seen (or said!) online or in the dungeon, and decide for yourself which is a hit, and which is a myth. (slave robin)