Mark, LHC-D

Name: Mark

Birthday: July 6th I’m a roaring lion too!

Favorite Toy: Floggers.. no.. needles!
Favorite Book: Gotta go with the book that got me here, Sleeping Beauty/

My Favorite Songs: Anything by Journey. Earth, Wind and Fire, James Brown, Get Low. Eminem

FetLife: Slave_mark

Seminars I teach would revolve around personal growth, not the lifestyle.
Favorite Quote: “The definition of insanity is when someone does the same thing over and over and expects a different result.” -Albert Einstein

Now, about Me:

I am poly and have been in a poly relationship for almost four years. I have been heteroflexible but am now leaning more towards bisexual. I would consider myself a glass-half-full type of person. I am very impulsive. I enjoy trying new things. I once went to Mexico with $20.00 in my pocket (had a blast!).

The problem with being impulsive is we are quick to make decisions and we are the “life of the party,” but we also make poor decisions. I’m the kind of guy who will decide to build a fence, but unfortunately, because I didn’t make plans or budget, it took me 5 trips to Lowes.

I have been in the BDsm lifestyle about 19 years. I originally got into the lifestyle life probably many others… to fuck women. Fortunately, my first experience changed me forever. I met a woman from a bar. I asked her back to my place. She told me “no.” I said “Why not?” She said you wouldn’t be into what I’m into. I asked her what was that? She told me she like to be tied up, spanked, then fucked.

After a 5 second pause, I told her I could do that. We went to my place and fooled around, she told me she was ready to be tied up and spanked. Well….not know anything, after I was though tying her up, it looked like a rat’s nest. I tapped her on the ass a few times and then fucked her. Of course when I was through, I had to find out how I did, right? She told me I fucked pretty good but I couldn’t spank worth a shit. Lol, now she is still in my rat’s nest. I told her I didn’t spank her well enough eh? I looked around the room and the first thing I saw was a Spatula, you know the one with the plastic handle and metal flat end. With no warm up, I proceeded to spank her for real. I wrecked her ass and I was rock hard. I fucked her in the ass with no lube. I looked down at her and she had the biggest shit eating grin on her face. She stayed the entire weekend and left Monday morning, while I was getting ready for work she called me and asked me if I wanted to call in sick for work. I told her “yes.” She showed up at my apartment again, with rope and instruction books. It was a fun day and I am a ruined man for “Vanilla.”

I moved to LA and I decided I should learn more about this lifestyle. I found “The Lair” had classes on Saturday afternoons and play parties during the weekend. This is where I began to find out I enjoyed other’s discomfort. I began enjoying watersports, sensory deprivation, mixing pleasure with pain. Here is where I felt like I maybe was missing something.

I moved to DFW and thought why do people enjoy displeasure so much. I still had a slave but she wanted to do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. We broke up and I decided to try the other side of the whip. I went on a BDsm website and instead of shotgunning hundreds of I’m interested responses, I narrowed my choice down to two women, one of them being Ms. Texas. This was about nine years ago. For those that do not know, Ms. Texas has a questionnaire that takes about four hours to fill out.

My first impression was, “She is thorough.” I submitted her questionnaire (I think she still does this). You would think she gets a ton of responses, I wasn’t expecting a response for a couple of weeks. The next day, she responds; “OMG this is the best response I have ever had on this questionnaire, call me immediately!” The first couple of years were not good I have to say. I had a lot of growing to do, however, as Ms. Texas’s slave we got closer, trusted each other more. In reality, every year I have known her we get tighter and trust each other more. Ms. Texas encouraged me to take the DsMP class and I did and graduated in 2013.

After taking the DsMP, I began to desire to be on the other side of the whip again. I think I am evolving. Now I say I am a “Switch,” but I don’t know if that is correct or not. Recently, 2016 I have taken another look at the Leather lifestyle. I feel comfortable here, I am learning about Leather. I like what the LHC stands for. I find my inner beingness is in sync with their core values. It is about Love, Integrity, Giving back, Loyalty and Honesty. Without reading anything yet, I see Leather based upon my observations is not about “Look at me, see how awesome my scenes are?” It is about how a person is on the inside and what can I do to support that person so they are growing on their own. Leather is not about putting the cart before the horse, but letting someone grow enough to take up the cart on their own.

Some fun things I enjoy are:

  • Sensory deprivation
  • Service and Protocol Training
  • Needle Play
  • CBT
  • Flogging
  • Caning
  • Single Tail (want to learn)
  • Eating Pussy
  • Sucking Cock (want to try)

My vanilla time:

  • My newest hobby is Leatherworking. Too much fun!
  • Surfing (anywhere, but preferably Costa Rica)
  • I love reading a good book
  • I hate TV (boring)
  • I love all the cultural things (plays, opera, museums and symphony)
  • I best past time is I really enjoy cooking gourmet meals
  • Personal Growth