Master JLubeJack, LHC-D

Name: JLubeJack
Birthday: June 18th
Favorite Toy: Knife
Favorite Book: Leatherman’s Handbook
My favorite songs: Do you take it in the ass, Moonlight sonata
Cigar stuff: Season your humidor, Recent great smoke, My humidors
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FetLife: JLubeJack

I am the elder of the Leather Heart Clan. I’ve been in the Leather scene for 25 years, het BDSM for 20. I was immediately drawn to the hierarchical nature of Leather and to its strong sense of honor and integrity.

Like many older Leathermen, I have my own MC — a Can-Am RT Limited 3-wheeler that I took to Sturgis last summer, a 2,700-mile round trip. I ride as often as I can.

I am now a proud member or Associate Member of many patch Leather clubs. I was Creative Editor for the NLA-I LINK newsletter (which proves I’m a masochist). I was also NLA-I rep for NLA-D, Chair of the P&P and C&B Review Committee, then Marketing Chair.

I have been on countless Leather runs, which have allowed me to meet some of the vast breadth and depth of Leather men and women – the best of human kind. Of course, those runs also allowed me to experience LOTS of things that were good, Good, GOOD! (And sticky, Sticky, STICKY!)

I came up in the gay Leather scene in Chicago through a pair of mentors and became a full patch member of the pansexual group Leather United-Chicago. After a few years I became president. When that club disbanded, I convened a reformation meeting a year later.

From those efforts the Chicago Leather Club was formed, also pansexual. In September, 2011 they celebrated their 10th Anniversary! I was its first president. I am now an Ambassador for the CLC and a POTY Emeritus. I have been extremely active as an officer of various clubs for 20 years.

I promised one of my Leather mentors — on his deathbed — that I’d one day begin my own Leather Family and the Leather Heart Clan is the result of that promise. My Family-Mates are individuals who have lived the Leather life long before they knew about Leather. They are honest, steeped in integrity, and born volunteers and educators; they are my soul-mates.

I gave seminars related to Leather and BDSM for 25 years, now retired. By teaching others, I passed along what has been taught to me; I considered it repaying a debt. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Each of us has some unique insights — even if brand new to Leather or BDSM. If nothing else, fresh eyes serve to keep us honest and to consider new ways of looking at old topics.

Our goal with the Leather Heart Clan is summarized in our Mission, essentially, we want to educate, volunteer, fund-raise – to become good role models who fashion ourselves after the Leather Founders who lead us now and those who have gone before… and to experience LOTS of things that are good, Good, GOOD! (And sticky, Sticky, STICKY!)