Ms Jeep, LHC-A

Slave janet (also known as msjeep) came into the BDSM lifestyle in 2006. She was then blessed with the opportunity to serve MrJeep in March 2007. Both of them started learning Leather in June of 2009, and she is the former Treasurer of DFW Leather Corps. In November 2011, msjeep was elected to the position of Secretary for WiLI – Women in Leather International – and served the organization for four years. Msjeep has served for the last five years as the Director of Registration for SouthPlains LeatherFest.

As far as play goes, slave janet is NOT a masochist and is in fact a 17-needle girl. (It was number 18 that almost freaked her out of her skin!!) With that being said, she does enjoy a nice flogging. And spanking? Well that’s just awesome all the way around! Serving MrJeep – who is a Sadist, no question about it – feeds the fear she enjoys so much while putting her body in His hands to experience what He chooses to inflict upon her.

In February 2012, MrJeep and slave janet moved from Dallas to Central Texas. In November 2013, Sister Genie Inna-Tuaca Bottle was born and now serves the community with the Weird City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence spreading Joy, fighting against Stigmatic Guilt, and raising money for local non-profits along the way.