Readings, Runs, Links

LHC members are required to read articles on a wide variety of topics relating to Leather – and BDSM – which we then discuss at meetings. We’re happy to share them with all.

  1. Archivist talks documenting leather, S&M and fetishism history —
    Windy City Times

  2. Peter Fiske: World’s Largest Whip Collection — From Leatherati.

  3. Robert Bienvenue — Bienvenu 1998 — Development of SM as a
    Cultural Style in the 20th Century US.pdf

  4. An Old Guard Dress Code (Mineshaft) by Hardy Haberman

  5. AIDSvu is a beautifully done graphic map device that illustrates visually
    the spread of AIDS in the US, alterable by many filters

  6. Leather-Hardy.docx– Another good piece by Hardy Haberman… a set of bullet lists that truly capture what Leather has been — and is — for me.  

  7. Building Leather Community – Interesting observations by Race Bannon on
    the nature of our “coummunity” and how to strengthen it.

  8. I am intersex: Shon Klose’s story – terrific — and chilling — account of one
    intersexed person from down under; includes audio files of interview.

  9. Science of BDSM Research Team.pages – Open letter with links to
    studies and papers & and an invitation to participate.

  10. Henry Gerber: The gay rights pioneer you probably never heard of – A
    courageous pioneer who’s slipped through the cracks… ‘till now.

  11. Chuck Renslow – interview per Goldcoast & Eagle. Note other YouTubes
    of him on the same page.

  12. Bed & Breakfast Fisting MORDOR option?

  13. Old Guard Dies Hard speech by Guy Baldwin,  September 20, 2014,
    Tacoma  WA

  14. Provenance & Preservation: Chuck Renslow’s Gold Coast Vest

  15. What is the history of gay motorcycle clubs, Liz Highleyman

  16. Leatherati S-E-X Series Intro: Sex in the Dungeon (Yes, Really)

  17. Leather Traditions, Laura Antoniou

  18. Change is the Norm, Race Bannon

  19. Leather Families, Master Taino

  20. Why plural Marriages Make Sense, Janet Hardy

  21. Biker Bar Book A Provocative Portrayal of Gay Leather History  Book
    review by Tye

  22. Mourning” by Master Mack

  23. Remembering the Worst Mass Killing of LGBT People in U. S. History

  24. Are we too inclusive?, Race Bannon

  25. The Legal Side of Topping, SirGustav… must read, let’s discuss.

  26. The Infamous 1988 Dallas Conference; the Great Bloodbath (Link to Part 1; of course to see the remaining Parts, for “35”, substitute “36”, “37”, & “39”  in the URL)

  27. Rape, abortion; tampering with evidence, How do we stamp out the right-wing misogyny in our culture?

  28. Sex, Orientation & Preference, Goddess of Java

  29. On Polyamory by Dan Savage, who stepped into narrow stance dung once again! MM will be gone, but here are her comments Am I Just Old or can one be “poly”.docx.

  30. Judy Tallwing McCarthy’s very short & succinct acceptance speech as the first IMsL winner in SF in 1987… take a gander! It’s in the “Room of Her Own” exhibit of the Womens Leather History Project of the LA&M, made possible in part by OUR hard work at WLHP; I hope you’re very damn proud of your efforts Family!!!!!

  31. Leather Families, by Taino (Leatherati)

  32. Hardy’s GLLA Keynote… Some wide-ranging comments we should ponder!

  33. Polyamory as Political Comment… Interesting thesis on how all acts are political*

  34. The New DL… When gay men finger, eat, fuck women (WTF?)*

  35. Protocolitis… good take on a loathsome topic

  36. SPLF Keynote by Boymeat — superb!

  37. Brief glimpse of the Gay Dying Times… powerful stuff

  38. Review of Leatherman’s Protocol Handbook, by Guy Baldwin

  39. Rebuttal from author to review by Guy Baldwin on the Leatherman’s Protocol Handbook

  40. Revisiting Old Guard Culture, Guy Baldwin

  41. Remarks in Recognition of International Human Rights Day; Remarks to NATO, Hillary Rodham Clinton

  42. Leather Leadership Conference 2011 – LA, CA Tyler LLC 2011 Keynote.pdf

  43. Leather Leadership Conference 2011 – LA, CA Keynote Guy Baldwin.pdf

  44. Leather Leadership Conference 2011 – LA, CA  2011 Keynote Annie Romano.pdf

  45. Vince Andrews’ Beyond Vanilla keynote address

  46. Sir Chris on Leather is More than Gay Men (contest culture)

  47. Patrick Mulcahey on “Defining Leather

  48. Switzerland, No More; Jeffrey Payne

  49. LA&M: 20 Years In The Making, Looking Back Video

  50. Papa Tony, A Brutally Frank Message.doc  (from Leatherati)

  51. 6 Types of Domestic Violence.pdf

  52. IML 2011: A Lesbian Point of View, Tamika Thompson

  53. Guy Baldwin Spring Iniquity Keynote Speech

  54. Hardy Haberman.doc Keynote Speech

  55. Master Tallen-The Last Five Letters of Community.doc Keynote speech for Leathermens  Academy –  Ft. Lauderdale by Master Tallen:

  56. The Women’s History Leather Project, article in Boston Edge

  57. The Old Guard” Guy Baldwin (on protocols of yore)

  58. The puzzle of boysChronicle of Higher Education (on male/female differences)

  59. International Master/Slave Judges Handbook” (PDF)

  60. High on the Hog” Thomas M. Rickers (motorcycle mystique)

  61. A Key Turning Point” John Wright (on gay activism in Dallas, 1979)

  62. B.A.R. Leather Columnist Marcus Hernandez Dies” (a Leather icon)

  63. In a Changing Era, a Reminder of AIDS” Michael Winerip (what it was like… )

  64. Leather History Page” Lord Saber (meta-list of Leather/BDSM-related history)

  65. AIDS social network; for those who’ve died of AIDS

  66. AIDS essential facts

  67. AIDS timeline

  68. Leather culturedefinitions

  69. Visit the Satyr’s video. Let me have your comments…

  70. Where are the leatherwomen?, and others – from link

Leather Interviews

Each of us will be writing about Leather Founders; we research the individual, interview them if at all possible, then write an article for these pages, the NLA-Dallas NewsLeather and the NLA-I LINK. We’ll post them as they’re written. Here are a few upcoming subjects:

  1.   Cynthia Slater – Leatherwoman of the Century (Mistress Malicia)

  2.   Rick Storer – LA&M Executive Director (JLubeJack)

  3.   Chuck Renslow – Owner of IML, incomparable Leatherman (JLubeJack)

  4.   Guy Baldwin – Author, former Mr. IML (slave robin)

  5.   Jack Rinella – Prolific Leather author (Mistress Malicia)

  6.   Jeff Storer – LA&M Executive Director (slave robin)

  7.   Sarah Humble – co-leader, Womens Leather History Project (Mistress Malicia)

  8.   Nancy Weinberger – co-founder, Leather United-Chicago (JLubeJack)

  9.   Lady Shivers – Branding expert, biker babe from childhood (Mistress Malicia)

  10.   Mark Frazier – Bar Owner, Educator, Founder of SPLF, owner of the Dallas Eagle…

  11.   Master Ces – Leather Dyke who was at Stonewall & March on Washington, 1979

  12.   Master Z – Texas – Leather educator (Knotty Jeanette)

  13.   PJ Knight – Veteran Leatherwoman of the Knights of Leather (Mistress Malicia)

Leather Speeches

  1. Catherine Gross – Keynote speech, SINsations in Leather – 2010

Leather Places Articles

These articles will be about places that have a powerful meaning to the Leather community. The first will be about the Leather Archives & Museum located in Chicago, Illinois. Wherever possible, we’ll supply images & slide shows.

  1. Leather Archives & Museum (Mistress Malicia)

  2. The Gold Coast bar (JLubeJack)

Core Books

We read books with both a direct and indirect link to Leather. We’ll list our must-reads here… Click on a title to go to the Amazon page for that book. The (BR) indicates that one of us has written a review of the book – click to read. Eventually, we hope to have reviews for all.

  1. And the Band Played On, Randy Shilts (BR)

  2. Becoming a Slave, Jack Rinella (BR)

  3. Bottoming Book, The, Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt  

  4. Consensual Sadomasochism: How To Talk About It & Do It Safely,  William A. Henkin,  Ph.D. & Sybil Holliday, CCSSE

  5. Complete Slave, The, Jack Rinella & Joseph Bean (BR)

  6. Epitaphs for the Living: Word and Images in the Time of AIDS, Billy Howard (BR)

  7. Ethical Slut, The, Dosie Easton & Janet W. Hardy

  8. Extreme Space: The Domination and Submission Handbook, F. R. R. Mallory

  9. Learning the Ropes, Race Bannon

  10. Leatherboy Handbook, The, Vincent L. Andrews (BR)

  11. Leatherman: The Legend of Chuck Renslow, Tracy Baim and Owen Keehnen

  12. Leatherman’s Handbook, Larry Townsend

  13. Leather Sex, Joseph Bean  

  14. Master’s Manual, The, Jack Rinella

  15. Master/slave Relations: Handbook of Theory and Practice, Robert J. Rubel (BR)

  16. Miss Abernathy’s Concise Training Manual, Christine Abernathy  (BR)

  17. Protocols: Handbook for the female slave, Robert J. Rubel (BR)

  18. Ties That Bind, Guy Baldwin & Joseph Bean

  19. Topping Book, The, Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt

  20. Training With Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners,  Christine Abernathy (BR)

  21. Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns, Phillip Miller and Molly Devon

  22. Slavecraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude, Baldwin et al. (BR)

  23. SM 101, Jay Wiseman

  24. Urban Aboriginals, Geoff Mains

  25. From Goodreads: Best BDSM Non-Fiction (86 titles)

Run/Conference Reviews

Each year, LHC members attend many conferences around the country — from Portland, Oregon to Denver Colorado To Minneapolis, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Lauderdale, Florida… and, of course, all over Texas, our humongous home state.

LHC Family members have and will write up short reports on these conferences to give you a flavor of what we experienced. This page will add reports frequently, so check back now and then.

Get out there and enjoy conferences whenever you can! You learn tons, meet lots of interesting folk… and have a blast!

  1. RenFyre
  2. Beyond Vanilla 21
  3. Great Lakes Leather Alliance — GLLA X
  4. GWWN BASH 2011
  5. Tournament 23
  6. SINsations in Leather 2012
  7. Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC)