South Plains Leather Fest 2018

The curtain has fallen on another South Plains Leather Fest conference it was amazing from the Master/Slave contest, the educational classes, the silent auction, the play parties, and the keynote speaker was inspiring. Everyone you talked to was welcoming and pleased to be together again. Theplay parties were incredible, everywhere I looked I saw one scene after another that was delightful to watch.

As always, my favorite is the silent auction. Everyone was very generous they had so many items it was astonishing. Lots of money was raised for the travel fund for this year’s winners. My family outdid themselves we have four different baskets/items that did very well.

The Wonder Woman framed posters took center stage with an ending bid of $160.00, not far behind was the outstanding antique box full of about 25 to 30 wonderful name brand cigars and accessories the ending bid was $140.00. The Scotch/Whisky basket with the decanter/glass set the ending bid of $ 80.00. Last was the desktop humidor with a beautiful cherry wood finish the ending bid was $65.00. The grand total $445.00 not bad guys you all did a great job.

Another remarkable year I for one can’t wait till next year……
Run Captain
Leather Heart Clan

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