Master Malicia, LHC-D

Name: MasterMalicia
Birthday: April 6th
My philosophy: NOW!
Favorite Toy: My hands
Favorite Book: The Myth of Monogamy
My favorite songs: Vivaldi, Lute ConcertiPachelbel, CanonAlbinoni, Adagio in G minor
My writings: Cynthia SlaterLady ShiversMark FrazierMaster CesPJ KnightBOHICA2012GWNN BASH 2014
FetLife: Malicia

…is a Dominant Femme who has been in the leather/BDSM scene for 13 years. She’s presented and participated in numerous seminars ranging from genital pumping to anal play and anal sex; from polyamory to dungeon safety and sexual response.

Like many Leatherwomen of old, she has her own MC, a Can-Am FT3, which she rides as often as she can.

She has served as a 1-on-1 Mentor and as an instructor for the year-long Dallas Mentor Program for aspiring Dominants. She has presented at the 20th Tournament Run in Minneapolis, Beyond Vanilla, Dark Fyre, and Texas groups such as SAADE (Austin), DFW Power Exchange, NLA-Dallas, NEEAL, and (Dallas) and many others. In 2010, she’ll present at SINsations in Leather, Thunder in the Mountains, Tribal Fire, and Wild Fyre.

A gifted fisting top, Mistress Malicia is in high demand by GLBTs and hets. She savors using all manner of impact toys from paddles to floggers to canes. She is also happy to use sounds, needles, and electrical toys on sub, bottoms & slaves; male, female… and others. Her particular favorite is genitorture, but she combines all techniques with her specialty… erotic terror.

A bisexual and highly oral Domme, she excels at eroticism with both women and men. She currently keeps two males, slaverobin (pure sub) and JLubeJack (pure problem). She also does many other men and women — often!

In addition to her membership in NLA-Dallas and NLA-I, she is a member of NCSF and an associate member of the Chicago Leather Club and the Knights of Leather. She is currently acting as grace coach for Maulya Slutkowski, JLubeJack’s twin sister from Poland.

In her spare time, she keeps up with her career as a PhD biochemist researcher and tax consultant.