LHC’s exchange of colors with House Cyclone at SPLF 2022.  Thanks to Uncle Fil for the photography!

LHC Dallas & Austin chapters together at Southplains Leatherfest 2019!



Family photo on the occasion of presenting Mark’s member patch. June 2018, Dallas, TX

image1Queerbomb, June 2018, Austin, TX


At Ohlahoma Leatherfest II (2018), led by LHC’s Brett, sister clubs Bloodline Leather and LHC collaborated on a dungeon scene, with each club supplying tops and bottoms.


LHC at SPLF 2018

LHC all flew Bloodline patches on their vests at SPLF, and posed stage left with the Bloodline banner too! L-R: Master Malicia, slave robin, Master JLubeJack, Sheri, Master Brett, Pledge Josh, Mistress Traci, & Pledge Mark


The Leatherheart Clan at Women’s International Leather Legacy 2017! From left, BeePuppy (sash husband of LHC’s Samsara), Samsara, Sarah, Brett, Ms Texas, Malicia, Slave Robin, and Sheri!


The end of the Parade of Colors at WILL, just concluded! Naturally, the LHC banner is flying dead center with Sheri, Traci and MM! Thanks to Sheri for making up our little (shown) and huge banners!


Bloodline and the Leather Heart Clan exchange colors to become “Sister” clubs — a promise of mutual support and cooperation. Master Woo and Master JLubeJack stand in front of many of our incredible members.

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JLubeJack (head judge), Hardy, Daddy Mikey, and Adrian — the judge corps for the 1st Southeast Transgender Contest