Sarah, LHC-D

An extremely pale, moderately sadomasochistic sub. Collaboratively exhibitionistic. Service-oriented for some. I like to experiment, enjoy a really wide spectrum of things (see: fetishes list), and am open to new, intriguing stuff.

…I love words. Win me with your pretty words. I am polyamorous and in multiple relationships, none exclusive. Open to more when there is something to mutually offer; I’ve got plenty more itches to scratch.

Birthday: April 4
Favorite Toy: Can’t beat a fucksaw! (Makes a great gift for both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day!)
Favorite Book: The Prelude by William Wordsworth
My writings: Ask Sarah about her experiment in chronicling all her sexual encounters in early 2014.
FetLife: sarahb33
My favorite songs:
  • Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas
  • Delta Spirit – St. Francis
  • Listener – Wooden Heart
  • AR Rahman – Masakalli
  • Mulatu Astatke – Tezeta
  • Lou Reed – This Magic Moment
  • Nick Drake – River Man
  • Neko Case – Star Witness
(Sarah really loves music.)