LHC Welcomes Three Full-Patch Members

28 May 2017
The Leatherheart Clan of Dallas, TX, warmly welcomes as new full-patch members TRACI, SHERI, and SARAH. Each has moved in good standing through Prospect into Pledge status, and now, with the completion of their pledge projects, in an afternoon ceremony for leather family and friends, has earned their LHC back patches!

LHC President Brett spoke on the theme of the human right to personal identity — of which radical sexuality is one aspect — to ensure that each new member regarded their patch not as a step toward uniformity, but as LHC’s acceptance of them as exactly the individuals they are, and LHC founder JLubeJack spoke in remembrance of our forerunners in the struggle for this right.

Welcome, Sarah, Sheri, and Traci!

(pictured: LHC’s patched members)

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