Corsets & Cocktails a big fundraising success for Team Friendly HIV Awareness

On May 13, the Leather Heart Clan partnered with Team Friendly, Sue Ellen’s, and Trinity Community Church to produce Corsets and Cocktails. The 4-hour fundraiser featured auctions of almost 40 corsets and seven specialty baskets raffled. Over 150 attended to watch a dozen sexy models strut their stuff, with entertainment and auctioneering by Violet O’Hara and Boy Patrick. Freebird and Neridia Red sold hundreds of dollars of raffle tickets for the specialty baskets. Producing the event for LHC were Ms.Texas and Sheri, and the whole LHC leather family pitched in for more than three months of preparations, as well as on the day of the event. Merchants and clubs throughout the community helped spread the word to their patrons and members, ensuring the tremendous turnout.

“We were proud to present over $3,100 to Team Friendly DFW,” Ms. Texas said. “We far exceeded our most optimistic goals! The crowd had a great time, and everyone jumped into the bidding.”

“This really was a community event,” said LHC’s co-producer Sheri. “Contributing from other clubs were Boy Anna, Boy River, Amber, Josh, Stella, Ray, AJ, many others. The models were just spectacular! Everyone had a great time cheering them on.” A total of 10 companies generously donated merchandise and services to the event, and 33 individuals made generous personal donations. “This shows what the community can do, when it comes together for a good cause,” said Ms.Texas.

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