Master Brett

I’m a native Texan, a fetishist my whole life, practicing kink since 2001, active in the BDSM community since 2010, and in M/s and leather since 2011. It took some trial and error to figure out what I needed and had to offer, and now I blend 24/7 M/s and age play with my little girl/slave. While medical play, weird toys, and costuming make for showier scenes, I derive the most fulfillment from our daddy/daughter dynamic, my slave’s obedience and wholehearted trust, and plenty of hot sex — particularly group, spontaneous, public, and anal. Though my own home is now a happy family of two, someday we’ll find my little girl a mommy, perhaps bringing to our family a puppy, pony, or sibling-slave of her own.

I have begun presenting classes more frequently, mostly on Age Play, Medical Play, and M/s topics, and attend the closer leather and kink conferences, where I’m gradually building a sense of nationwide community and family. In daily life, most of my activities relate to nutrition, weightlifting, and investment, but I also enjoy strategy games now and then, unusual foreign foods (the weirder the better), and adventure travel.

In 2013, I founded the Kinky Finances group, to discuss how to leverage D/s for better financial management in our community, and also resurrected Austin’s dormant Age Play Social, which meets monthly and now has its own online community. In 2014, after hearing Race Bannon present on Kink Self-Education at Southwest Leather Conference, I founded Austin Scout Troop 696, a project-based leather and kink exploration organization for age and animal players of all kinds, and anyone else who feels that that’s more or less their crowd. Troop 696 is particularly interested in advancing understanding of queer and trans people in leather and kink, in fundraising for the NCSF, and in having lots of laughs and sex.