Master Brett, LHC-D & LHC-A

Brett is a member and ex-president of the Dallas Leatherheart Clan, and active in the leather and kink community.

Brett identified as a fetishist in early life, began practicing kink in 2000, and joined Austin’s Kink community — at a GWNN munch in the back of a la Madeleine — in 2004. By 2010, he’d made his way to Southplains Leatherfest, where a leatherwoman invited him to GLLA, and that sealed it. By 2013 Brett had joined Dallas’ Leatherheart Clan, where he pledged in 2014, became president in 2015, and was presented with his master’s cover in 2017. Brett is also active in the ageplay community; he has coordinated the Austin Ageplay Social since 2012.

Brett has traveled widely in gaining his kink education, and has presented workshops on BDSM, Leather, medical play, and age play relationships at GLLA, Beyond Vanilla, Alamo City Leatherfest, Touch of Leather, Austin subCulture, SAADE, and the GWNN Bash. Brett is an Official Hench-being of Raven Kaldera (“Youth Minister”).

Personally, Brett is into Korean pop music, Disneyland, powerlifting, Paleo nutrition, and the Taoist principle of non-attachment. Brett enjoys helping friends meet their goals through short-term M/s contracts, and practices long-term behavior and body modification on his adorably brainwashed slave-for-life Sarah in Austin, TX.