Come Together

A Community Building Project

Community building is part of the mission of our leather family, The Leather Heart Clan.  We invite you to do your part to strengthen BDSM/leather community, in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex and throughout North Texas.

Why now?  Our very success has led to explosive growth – but it also carries the danger of fragmentation. Your kink may not be ours, and you may prefer your own gender preference, play space and your own customs.  But we are all part of a much larger community, and we all share common values and interests.  Most important: if you and your group are threatened, we all are in danger.  Whether the threat is internal from a bad actor, or external from the ignorant or intolerant, you need to know that you are not alone.  And we all need to make sure you have the support you need to deal effectively with the threat.

Our vision is not of another layer of organization.  We think of the community as a resilient mesh, not a tree with a single trunk and branches. We think the need is to strengthen and broaden the community bonds we already have.  We don’t intend to lead a movement; we intend only to encourage community-wide empowerment through connection with individuals and groups who feel the common need.

Here’s what we’re planning.  We invite you to join us:

Wear the safety pin of inclusion proudly

We encourage you to download, print and circulate the open letter on this web page.

Soon we will be posting detailed instructions on how your group can make the safety pins of inclusiveness for your members.  (Sorry, we don’t have the resources to supply other groups with pins or supplies to make them.)

Co-sponsor this initiative

If your group wants to co-sponsor this initiative, please let us know.  If you have a logo (of a pin or patch, perhaps), send it along and we’ll post it here.

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Tell us who you are, what group you represent, and where to find you on social media. Let us know what you and your group are doing to bring the community together, and whether your group would be interested in leadership development workshops. We’ll keep you informed!

Wha else?  That depends on what you tell us you need. Here are some materials so far:

  • PDF: How to make CT Pins (link)
  • PDF: Come Together Flyer Side 1  (link)
  • PDF: Come Together Flyer Side 2 (link)

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