Austin Chapter

While LHC had no history of forming external chapters, Brett consulted with Master JLubeJack on how such a thing might work, and Jack’s overriding wish was that, going forward, only a full member (in LHC parlance, a “full patch member”) could be empowered to found a new chapter.

With that blessing for the plan obtained, we rounded up the usual suspects, held a series of meetings of the new LHC-A, adopted a basic charter, and finally approved it with a vote of LHC (now “LHC-D”).

LHC-A followed the template of LHC-D, in that we draw a distinction between a leather club and a leather family, and deliberately choose to be a leather family. We have kept some of the customs of LHC-D, but diverge in others. LHC-A meets monthly to grill, but sometimes holds a business meeting or social event. We support the Weird City Sisters (Austin chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence) and the local drag community, and can frequently be found at their events.