Daddie Danger, LHC-A

Daddie Danger has been in the Austin scene for almost 20 years. Daddie currently Co-Directs Domina a MAsT Austin SIG for Female-Led Dynamics. She is also the Education and Networking Coordinator for Dark Age Play Austin and the Outreach Director for Team Friendly Austin. Daddie served for 6 years as Coordinator of Poly Big Fun, the longest running polyamorous campout in Texas. Daddie enjoys a good religious roleplay, age play, chastity, cuckoldry, and all things medical play. Daddie is a licensed mental health professional practicing in in-patient psychiatric care. She works to bring inclusivity and representation of the LGBTQ and HIV+ communities to the clinical environment.Ms. Pixie has been in the BDSM  lifestyle since 2008, and active in the Leather community since her move to Dallas in 2016.  Her personal mantra:  Be the person who makes others feel special.  Be known for your kindness and grace.  And surround yourself with people who have the same rhythm.